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Jack watched on with interest as the two novice trainers took on the wild Houndoom together. With all three using fire-types, the offensive advantage was secured for the Houndoom who would clearly be the strongest of the three. Still, the young man observed his new travel partners from a short distance away to see how they handled pressure as well as how they worked as a team. His Charmander was not as eager to be a spectator, and the lizard's teeth clenched as puffs of smoke jutted out of his nostrils with each exhale.

"Be patient," Jack said with an air of comfort in his voice. The fire Pokemon lifted his steely glare away from the battle and towards his trainer as he spoke. "If they get to a point where they start to panic or their partners are absolutely outmatched, I'll send you in to flank from the rear. Just give them some time, I promise I won't it injure them."

The pair continued to give the battle an audience while a trainer battle began near-by. Jack wasn't worried about the old woman and kid, as they were both people in a match against each other, while the wild Pokemon has no need to follow the battle regulation of man. In the split moment that Jack looked at the two to see their Pokemon, the Houndoom bit the Chimchar's trainer. Charmander rightly reacted in an anxious fashion to lend assistance. He attempted to charge the hellhound, but Jack ordered him back before the reptile could reach it.

It was around this time that the Cyndaquil started to draw the wild hound's attention. Leading the Houndoom away from the other combatants, Jack was pleasantly surprised to see the Pokemon use a fighting-type move against the Houndoom. Unfortunately, the gap in level still meant that the move wasn't enough to deliver a crippling blow. The Houndoom seemed to have been caught completely off-guard by the move as well, and after it surveyed the area around it, the beast ran off. Jack wondered why a wild Pokemon like that had ventured this far into a human encampment, and assumed it had been on the lookout for an easy meal.

With the excitement over, the Unovan Trainer signaled for his Charmander to go forward. Relieved, the red scaled Pokemon ran towards the Cyndaquil to check on the tiny mammalian. Likewise to his partner, Jack approached Greyson, though with less enthusiasm and preferred to formally introduce himself rather than run up in excitement. "Good show you put on," he said loudly from behind the rookie trainer. "Not everyday Pokemon from the woods venture into the heart of a town. The name's Jack Forest. I take it from the way my Charmander is socializing with your Cyndaquil, you must be one of the new Trainers that Professor Pine is sending on her special 'errand.' Before we head off... Jack paused for a moment before continuing his sentence to allow the Chimchar's Trainer time to approach. "...I think it would be wise that you pick up anything you need like food, water, and medical supplies for you and your Pokemon."

Looking over at where the Trainer battle was taking place, it appeared to be over before it could get interesting. The kid, who was also likely to be another of Pine's squad, had lost to the old lady and her Murkrow. Hopefully the kid would be meeting up with them as well, otherwise it would make traveling together rather difficult.
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