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Originally Posted by Rococo View Post
In this day and age you're either a sheep, or berated as an idiot who's entirerly wrong.
It's funny you say that because it sounds like you're berating people who believe it wasn't a government plot as idiots who are entirely wrong.

I don't see any problem with believing it was an attack by two brothers. That kind of things has happened before, and will sadly probably happen again. That collage of images with lines and circles that was in a link posted earlier on this page doesn't convince me that it means anything. Like was said, they're not dated, timestamped, or anything like that. They show... what? Backpacks? Most backpacks are pretty similar. With a crowd like there was I'm sure there were plenty of backpacks. People looking "away" in a still photo? That doesn't mean anything, people can have their attention caught by anything and glance at it in a moment, or just turn their heads because they have an itch or anything. There's just conjecture and nothing definitive. It feels more like a story that people went looking for evidence of than a conclusion of people who were open to all the evidence and wanted to know what happened.
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