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    Chapter 4
    [Stronger than Iron]

    December 13, Calm Era
    - Night time

    "Snee, Sni, Sneeee" Xiz laughed triumphantly. The Machop did not share in his humor, its body lurched forward,it crossed its right arm across its chest and left shoulder, fingers straight as possible. Xiz had been in the midst of blinking at this instant, so he made no effort to avoid his attacker. "Xiz, incoming!" Shade barked. Machop unleashed a stunning Karate Chop across Xiz's chest, forcing him back with its pure power. Xiz took to one knee, holding himself in shock he let out a pained "Snee... Snee" before returning to his feet. Machop pulled both arms to its sides, hands closed, knees bent, a small ring of air circulated around its body, red and yellow sparks occasionally flashed around it. Shade called to Xiz again, "Don't underestimate him! He's using Focus Energy so be on your toes!" Xiz nodded, his grin changed into a grimace. The Machop charged again, with its arm crossed again ready for another destructive Karate Chop.

    "Xiz, Icy Wind! Slim!" Shade commanded. Xiz grunted as he touched his claws to his mouth and expelled a chilling gust of blue wind, the stream narrowed from the width of a couch to that of an oil drum. The attack was more potent this way, Machop was already invested in its attack so it had no choice but to endure the cold. The blast pained it, but it marched through, slowing as it chilled to the core with every step. Slower, and slower until it stopped moving to shake itself vigorously, "Mrrrrr" it growled. Now was their chance, "Good, now use Screech!" Shade called. Xiz twitched his nose before taking a large gulp of air, "SHHHHRRRRNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" he screamed as a very narrow blue ring of energy from his mouth. It rippled the air as it struck the Machop, knocking it back a step in the process. Machop's knees buckled and its hands moved to cover its ears, it cried out in pain "Maaaa!" Shade smirked triumphantly ,"You know the deal Xiz!" the Sneasel rubbed its claws together triumphantly as he bent his knees. In a split second Xiz's arms swung outwards, claws curved inward, its legs pushed off with great force, launching him straight for the opponent. The first claw swung, striking the Machop across its face, causing it to drop its hand. The second blow came and CLAP! Machop stopped the onslaught by grabbing Xiz's wrist.

    The wild Machop flung Xiz over Shade's head. Xiz barely snagged the hood of Shade's Snorunt Cloak. He planted his clawed feet carefully into his trainer's back before hopping onto his shoulder. The Machop was getting pumped, it extended it's right palm forward facing Shade and Xiz, while tucking it's left arm beneath it's, it's hand held tightly in a fist. "Maa... Choop," it breathed calmly. Shade turned his head slightly to his Partner, "look Xyz I know you're getting low on stamina, you'll have to be extra careful from here on out." Xiz nodded and hopped forward off of Shade's shoulder. Shade didn't grin this time, his eyes were focused, he admired Machop's fortitude for a second, "I see. Shade, lets try Icy Wind - Mist." Xiz touched his claw's to his mouth before expelling a large cloud of cold slow moving mist. Blue particles glittered throughout the cloud as it came to snatch the vision of the combatants. Machop stared firmly into the cloud, unbending, proud, calculating. "Faint Attack now!" Shade shouted. Machop flinched in anticipation, mist pushed quickly passed its feet sending shivers up Machop's spine, an arm of purple energy materialized again striking Machop in its back again, forcing it to stumble forward.

    Xiz materialized behind his opponent, Machop was ready. Its arms caught the ground as it lunged forward, it moved it spun around, swinging it's right leg low to the ground, catching Xiz off-guard and causing him to face-plant. Having spun 180 degrees the Machop faced Xiz, both hands glowed bright blue, the right arm lifted in the air for the first strike of its Dual Chop. Xiz rolled over in haste, the attack shattered the a piece of the cave floor, the second was released -aimed at the side of Xiz's head. Xiz crossed his arms above its head, catching the chop between his claws. He tugged, forcing Machop stumbling forward, his legs wrapped around the Machop's legs. Xiz opened his mouth, unleashing another powerful screech. the wild Machop shook violently in anguish, knocking Xiz loose. It stumbled back.

    Shade hopped through the dissipating mist and commanded his partner, "now's our chance, finish up with Fury Swipes!" The Sneasel stood on his feet and launched itself forward, claws at the ready!
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