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If it's a conspiracy, what's... the point of it exactly? Government did it just for fun? Wouldn't they have had to gain something out of it?

And the lock-down wasn't a big deal. It was voluntary (or strongly-encouraged)

Also, pictures of people not looking at the race? Really? That's suspicious. You know what? I don't like sports. I've been to more sporting events than I can count and for pretty much all of them I'm distracted by the rotating advertisement boards. You wouldn't be able to get a picture of me looking at the field, court, what have you. And if I was at the marathon, it'd probably be because I had a family member running. And if they weren't crossing at the moment, then I'm sure as hell not watching for people I don't know or care about. I'll be doing something on my phone most likely or looking around for a doughnut shop. It isn't suspicious. Jeez

Even with that other guy people were fixated on for a bit. The guy running away without helping anyone. If I was on my own (and whoever I was waiting for at the finish line wasn't there at the time) then I'd be doing the same thing. A bomb just went off. I wouldn't know what could possibly be happening next. So, I'd be sure to get my butt out of there before something else possibly blows up. If I was there with family for instance, yes I'd help them and make sure we're all safe. But, if not? You're on your own, sorry. I'm running away to safety.
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