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I'm no sheep. I question every action the government takes, and disagree with most of them. I'm even willing to give conspiracy theories a listen, but life isn't as mystical as you think. There is no magic in this world. The people running our governments are just that: people. Just like you and me. There is no way they could cover up the majority of the conspiracy theories I hear, or control all of our lives without us knowing. It's just not possible for humans to do.

That said, through the media and politics, they can control far more than I'd like... but these are all relatively small things, like changing laws, and more importantly, they're all done for the same reason, whether it be individuals or corporations: money. So that begs the question; where was the money in the Boston Bombings? Or perhaps intentionally arresting the wrong people? (Who just so happened to be the suspects the FBI identified, posses multiple explosives, USE those explosives against police, and not attempt to clear their name at all.) I don't see how anyone (important) could have profited from this.
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