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    Well, love and hate, pain, determination, survival and time.
    Those are all I can think of right now. (Half-asleep.)

    If the love is strong enough, anything can be done.
    Think, reformed criminal.

    For example, if they hate what they are enough then they'll be able to change it.
    Think, coward overcoming his fears.

    Pain can change the personality and nature of somebody to the polar opposite.
    Think, loss of closest loved one turns said person gloomy, when they once were happy go lucky.

    Pure determination, seeing what their nature is and deciding to change it.
    Think, hardass learning to compromise.

    Okay, this one is obvious.
    Think, adaptability.

    Over time, if the person is put in an environment, they eventually succumb to the pulls of it.
    Think, accent.

    There's a few other ways, amnesia, mental disorder, religious rebirth, prolonged exposure to horrors... I'm sure I could think of more, but, again, half-asleep. :x

    Why do you ask?

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