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Lordus Rivendare

Death rained upon the Pokemon. Seven bloody hells, Lordus thought, scratching the hilts of his swords. Aurora had said something in the fuss that started after Aecor's fall, but he barely heard. She had flown off to, somewhere, while the sky was engulfed in dark, hostile clouds. Lordus remained staring at the spot where Aecor had fallen, but the clashing tribes had overrun him. His eyes quickly traveled to Adamantius, but he lost him right after. Eh. Adam's a lost cause. He started laughing and drew one of his swords. The sides of the tribes were being razed by the fire from the humans.

Some Pokemon of the Caelurus noticed the threat and decided they hated the humans more than Ruber. These Pokemon Lordus followed, only concealed underneath the shadow of the trees. His ears were ringing with screams, his eyes fixed on the humans with those weapons that shot death; just behind the trees, he could see their shadows. The Caelurus charged forward in fury, shouting the name of their tribe, until a bullet silenced a voice or two from the group. One fell, the others stumbled and Lordus followed close behind. He picked up pace, he started running. These fleshlings fight best from afar, he thought, but once we're upon them... the trees rustled, the humans were retreating. He saw their group behind the trees and charged at their side like a Tauros, driving one of his swords through the human's shoulder blades. He glimpsed a light and he knew he was within the firing range of the weapons, so he sidestepped to the right, slashing at the black thing the human was holding. Stepping forward, his next slash ripped the human's arm from shoulder to rib, then his claws impaled his throat. He held his body against the others who were shooting, allowing them to finish his work. They shouted, he roared in fury, tossing aside the body.

The other Pokemon arrived to chase off the humans who were stepping back, shooting. Bloody buggers, he thought as he stepped back. He couldn't risk going any further, not with all those guns. He let the Pokemon get past him to their deaths, then felt something swirl past his leg in a bang. He edged backwards and turned to see another human a nearby bush. He cursed again, his gun raining bullets; the human was laughing maniacally.

The time came for him to reload. As Lordus covered the distance between them, the claws of his free hand were engulfed in the dragon's fire, blue and red, dancing high all the way up to the base of his arm, burning away his black bandages to reveal his scorched, black hand. The human's laughing had stopped; when Lordus slashed at his gun, sending it away, he tried running, but his burning claws grabbed the back of his neck and he screamed in agony. The screams were replaced by a gasp once his chest was impaled in his sword. He twisted it, blood streaming everywhere, then kicked the human away.

Pain emerged from Arceus know where. Pain gave birth to anger, which soon replaced the pain. The dragonfire on his left hand was burning hot and he suddenly wanted to kill more, and more. The humans were too dangerous, though, with those weapons of theirs... he had got shot. Ruber Tribe would have to do for his killing. He marched as fast as his wounded leg could take him, back into the clashing tribes, with fury and bloodlust burning his pain away.

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