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Sam "Sammy" Scooter

Sam walked into the base with Sillerax not knowing to do next, he felt he was kind of the "noob" of the crew. He waited for Sareli to order something, but she was asleep, he wanted to hang out with Sillerax, but he was been healing a fainted growlithe.

So he went outside, hoping to find something he could do. He went finding Marek, but he looked really angry. Sam asked a Alakazam what was wrong, he told him that Marek's father has been robbed by someone.

Sam thought about who it could have been. He thought about for some time and then he finally came up with someone. The Scolipede. Memory began to come back..... but what was mattered was now.

He said to the Alakazam, " I think I know who did it..... Follow me, guys!"
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