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    Hi there, Drakow,

    the doctor who examined you sounds like one of the many people who has absolutely no clue about handedness and the likes. This is no wonder, as like I said, the whole topic is not really present in society.

    Everyone has a dominant hand. Since you say that you chose your left-hand for writing because your brother is left-handed as well, there is a possibility that you're a converted right-hander. I'm not saying you are but that you could be.

    How old were you when the doctor examined you? Usually, at the age of 2, a child has found his/her dominant side.

    What problems do you exactly have while writing? Do you have a bad handwriting or do you also make mistakes easily? Do you feel that writing makes you tired? Does your hand hurt?

    Here's a tip: Have a look at old photos in which you are 2 or 3 years old, and examine the way you do things with each hand. You might find yourself doing things with your right or left hand a lot and thus, you might be able to draw a conclusion about your handedness.

    Besides that, all I can tell you is that you may observe yourself very well. Do you do things which need a lot of precision with your right or left hand? If you want to catch a ball, which hand do you use? If you want to put a thread through a needle, which hand does what?

    I hope, I could help you a little bit.
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