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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard - History/Mythology

    Lucia frowned at the mention of one of his pokemon knowing what was happening... yet wasn't telling. Did that mean that whatever was being hidden by the pokemon was too powerful to fall into human hands? It seemed so, especially if a trainer's pokemon could be convinced to not disclose any of the information. Well, if this pokemon did know... well... didn't it mean they could try and convince her in turn? Brian's next words caused her a bit of confusion as she turned to look at the Scizor who just leaned against the wall.

    "Hm... well Roberto, I'll be going anyway, besides this is just like those mystery novels I read!" She smiled, "In fact, with a big group searching the whole forest we'll have an easier chance of finding this... well... hidden thing."

    Roberto gritted his teeth as his snapped a pincer angrily.

    "Oh come off it Roberto! It'll be fine." She stated firmly.
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