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    Sillerax "Fearbringer" Colossus: the Treasure Hunter

    Sillerax finished dressing and healing the growlithe's wounds. he left the growlithe to rest and went to put his supplies away. After he did that, he grabbed a small box, and opened it. inside was a shell instrument, Sillerax took out the instrument, walked into the dining hall, sat down in a chair by the growlithe, and started playing on it.

    The notes from the instrument rung throughout the base, the song he played was about peace, calm, quiet, protection, and safety. The Song was an old song he found when he also found the instrument when he was exploring a sea cave, he found the instrument then, found the song written on the wall. he continued playing the song all the way through. Then after the song ended, Sillerax put the instrument away. He only played the Instrument when he was alone, or when everybody else was asleep.
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