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    Originally Posted by ⊗Slenderman⊗ View Post
    How is everyone else?
    Hmm... I don't know...

    Yesterday evening, the power went out for roughly an hour because some numb-skull driver had to have a motor vehicle accident, thus hitting a power line pole. I could tell that as I saw at least two ambulances coming down the highway near my home. I wasn't too happy about that, as that made me miss one of my shows on TV...

    I'm guessing that the said driver was eating one of those large McWraps from McDonald's, which must've been made to perfection, so that the driver went into a state of euphoria as soon as he took the first bite. Bad thing is, he was in that state while behind the wheel, & thus was completely oblivious to his surroundings. Thus, him having that accident was a given. But, what do I know how that accident really happened?

    As for today, nothing out of the ordinary, but I did have quite a bit to do.