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    Someone needs a chill pill.

    You can't get arrested for just any reason. Law doesn't work that way. There were people getting their panties in a bunch about the 4th Amendment but their reasoning for searching homes was very well justified given the nature of the victim's little disappearance for roughly 12 hours. They were taking above and beyond precautions to locating Dzhokhar and I commend them for that.

    Also, I personally don't feel like a prisoner. Maybe in your eyes you see Americans as such but I really don't and I'm actually happy that our government took such drastic measures to apprehending a man known for bombing, shooting, and even running over his own brother and dragging him for about 20 feet. But hey! If you wouldn't want your government to make every effort in apprehending them then by all means you're free to feel that way.

    Neither of your sites seem reputable by any means, either. They're mostly shock effect conspiracy theories.

    Sorry but pretty much everything your posting is easily debunked. The evidence is there that this was an attack by two brothers. I also heard that Dzhokhar has given a report that the reasoning behind the attacks was religious motivation. That's entirely legit given their background and the brother's activity in Russia and online. That's it, and if you feel that there is a whole background of government sleuth and conspiracy then frankly friend, that's your problem.
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