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    That would be too easy Azalea. Claim all the information is coming from low reputable internet sites and you just solved this whole thing? Well.. Thing is most to all of those pictures were published in the mainstream media too.

    If I was to "de-bunk" all of this, also.. It wouldn't be easy at all. Sorry.
    Perhaps you'd like to lend a hand?

    You just can't come up with lazy explanations like this to prove your beliefs. Give me proof. Not the official story, not the speculations, but pictures, theories that make sense.

    People were treated like prisoners there in Boston, with guns pointed at them, that's fact. Most didn't feel like it, though, they thought they were doing the right thing, and it's perfectly fine to feel that way.

    Originally Posted by Went View Post
    About Lt. Vogt, I'll let these guys speak instead:

    Continuing from where BIS left it right before me, the guy does look very pale, due to, I don't know, losing a ton of blood? I'm not a doctor- I don't know whether the guy writing that is either because it's just a random unknown writing on the Internet who could be pretending to be Margaret Thatcher if they wanted to. Also the "it's fake blood because I say so" part doesn't convince too much. And the Holywood Spy Movie "signals in 10 frames" thing sounds too stupid. Also tehre is a more logical explanation: they were just people in shock trying to react. Oh, and the glasses? To protect his eyes from the dust. I have no idea, I'm just trying to find a logical explanation that doesn't involve actors and "flashing powder" (and it's not taking me too much brainpower to do so).

    Anything else to prove your point?
    Perhaps he was supposed to look pale; his legs we ripped apart.

    But, allright, whoever he was, how is he still alive?
    And because of it, he should be spurting blood like a fountain, with wounds like that. No, I mean, actual, real blood. The dark one, plenty of gore too.. not that shiny red thing, whatever it is.

    Coming form the doctors:

    "If you loose both your legs from explosive trauma half your blood is gone in one minute via the femoral arteries, you're dead after two. Bleeding out is worse with blunt force trauma (like shrapnel) because flesh is torn rather than cut, exposing more arterial and vascular tissue. The human body holds 5 to 6 LITERS of blood. If that really happened, you would see blood EVERYWHERE, the guy would be drenched in it. You would also see what’s called arterial spurting from the injury. Most likely he would vomit after turning ghost white from shock, then turning delirious or passing out. As for the “tourniquet”…

    It's not even tied off, it's suspended via gravity, which would literally do nothing to an arterial sever. There’s no pressure applied. There’s no knot with a turn stick for leverage. You can clearly see a gap in the nonexistent wrap job on his left inner thigh (left anterior proximal for you experts). His hands have no blood on them. There’s no blood on the ground. The color in his hands and lips shows good circulation.

    No blood is present. The bone is dry, no blood on his leg above the knee, no blood on the woman, no arterial spurt, nothing."
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