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    Originally Posted by SnowpointQuincy View Post
    I JUST beat the Hideyoshi episode like 5 minutes ago, so now I understand the post-game.

    Pokemon lose their experience points (link), but they stay evolved no matter what. Your warriors are scattered too the winds, but if you find them again in other episodes their Pokemon are remembered and evolved to the form they where at.

    Also Evolution stones carry over too.

    So far, so good.
    Ok,I am confused now.You said that the evolution stays.I just started Hideoshy chapther,and he does not have a Infernape,but a Chimchar.So evolution does not stay.

    Something is just not right.I started Hideoshi Episode,and I used their turns on the cave.So I advanced a month.And when I checked,all the kingdooms have now stronger and much more pokemons.So how I advance in months,they became thougher?