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so i liveblogged it

- wah old theme song is lovely
- holy man ash's voice
- the narrator is ridic dramatic wow
- man Pikachu was fat
- Jenny just randomly tries to grab a beat-up kid rlly
- and he doesn't look anything like the suspects i mean really
- dexter was so sassy <33
- tryna think who jessie sounds like...
- meowth's voice...
- "We HAVE a driveway, you know." omg Joy
- I bet Jenny does that all the time
- I ship it
- shiny pidgey???
- I love Delia~
- and she totally hung up on ash before he finished talking haha
- Ash don't just answer people's phones
- this whole conversation with Oak is ridic
- mistyyyy
- this has turned into a hospital drama
- that contraption just looks a mess
- team roooooocket!
- "not interested in pikachu" oh the days past
- pika power omfg why is this hilarious
- misty why didn't you do this in the first place
- rlly goldeen
- what why did she even take it out
- i don't get this show
- pika powahhhhhhhh
- i like that you can attach electric pokemon to a generator and supercharge them
- well that's a good second day for ash, blowing up a pokemon centre
- dramatic cliffhanger: ash stares down a caterpillar
- even the narrator can't come up with anything
- i love episodes what are old as balls

I loved this episode because wow weird crap everywhere. So you have a cop cheerfully announcing there are criminals about, then trying to arrest a beaten-up child and small fat rat. You've got the same cop doing motorcycle tricks for no reason and parking in the middle of the lobby of the Pokémon centre, where the nurse tells her off and implies she does it a lot. And then the entire conversation with Professor Oak was like... are you high...? Then the procedure on Pikachu involved sticking a lightbulb to his head and seemingly nothing else. Some criminals show up for no reason. They literally do not have a reason to be at that Pokémon centre. Misty stalls them by showing them a Goldeen. Ash blows up the centre by charging up Pikachu with a bike that looks like it shouldn't move at all, let alone produce that much electricity. Nobody seems to care much. ?????!

Early-instalment weirdness at its finest, yo. Enjoyable as hell though.
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