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Alex Rogue

Alex had just arrived to the academy. Almost everyone around him was older than him. A woman came and greeted him.
"Hello there, young one."
"Umm... yeah hello madame, I'm actually supposed to....Uhh...enter the..."
"I know, I know, give me your name please?"
"Uhh...yeah, it's Alex Rogue."
"Ahh, yes, I found your name, but aren't you pretty young to have a pokemon?"
"Actually I've only got pokemon, it's a Seviper."
"Seviper, eh, sounds like your'e into poison types."
"No, not really, I kind of like water types more."
"Well anyways, here's your key, I'll let you find the dorm by yourself. You could meet new teachers along the way."
"Thanks Ma'm!"
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