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Originally Posted by ForeverDash View Post
Username: ForeverDash
Favorite Song(s): Hummingbird Heat, Firework, Part of Me, The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream, Hot n Cold, E.T and Wide Awake
Answer current topic: Why do you love Katy Perry?
- I love her because she is awesome and she never gives up on her dreams. She started singing in 2001 but after her Christian Album didn't do very well, she was never seen again until 2008 when she released her second studio album "One of the Boys". One of the Boys did really well worldwide and it made her well known. I also like her because she is good at what she is doing, singing and making other people happy. ~ :D
Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
Username: vaporeon7
Favorite Song: Firework, Hot n Cold
Answer current topic: She is just an amazing singer, and I don't think I need to start to tell you all how attractive she is.

She looks good in kangaroos.
Originally Posted by Mockingjay View Post
Username: Mockingjay
Favorite Song(s): I Kissed A Girl, Hot 'N' Cold, Thinking of You, Teenage Dream, Hummingbird Heartbeat, T.G.I.F., Firework, The One That Got Away, Part of Me, Wide Awake

Why do you love Katy Perry?

Well, from the moment I first heard I Kissed A Girl, I loved her voice. My cousin and I would listen to the song over and over, and we'd sing it while blowing kisses at each other.

Katy Perry sings quite the amount of songs, and some of them are inspirational, such as Firework. Though it isn't severely deep, it gives messages to the listener that they matter. Because of Katy Perry, I have the inspiration to go on.

She is beautiful, without makeup and with makeup. She is a unique character, and I get butterflies when I think about her *___*
Originally Posted by Gyardosamped View Post
Username: Gyardosamped
Favorite Songs: California Gurls, E.T., Firework, Hot n Cold, I Kissed a Girl, Last Friday Night, Part of Me, Peacock, Teenage Dream, The One That Got Away, and Wide Awake.
Answer current topic: Most of Katy Perry's songs are genuine and have inspirational meanings, like Teenage Dream and Firework. She's able to do this while making her songs extremely catchy in the process as well. Also, I love her easygoing personality. She doesn't really care about what others have to say or think. She is true to herself. :]
Originally Posted by EliteBeats View Post
Username: EliteBeats
Favorite Song: The One That Got Away, Firework, Simple
Answer current topic: I love her so much because of her awkwardness and ridiculously awesome dresses :) I love her voice so much... Her songs are an inspiration to me, and that's why I can't wait for her next album :D
Guys welcome! I'll update the list for ya! For the meantime...

Why do you love Katy Perry?

She is inspirational, awesome and just plain beautiful. Her songs are so amazing they make my cry sometimes.

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