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    I really don't have the time to dedicate to creating and GMing a roleplay right now... so I'm trying very hard to resist my own temptations. But I'd like feedback on an idea regardless.

    I was thinking of a RP set vaguely in the Marvel Universe where people play a new class of X-Men. The setting is great for a RP - the mansion, the grounds, the danger room, already have a freaking jet to get to places. The structure is waiting to be used. Although the RP would be in the Marvel Universe, existing Marvel characters will be used sparingly. More like cameo's than active participants - after all, the heavy hitters are too busy to come say hi to the five thousandth class of X-Kiddies.

    Villains would be unique and new creations - I have an entire Rogues Gallery in my back pocket ready to go. We would be building our own mythology and recurring villains. I would take feedback from the participants regarding what they wanted to see next (for example, plot A) Danger Room troubles B) Anti-Mutant Extremists C) Mutant Supremacists D) Mystery Option), with the options changing each time a new plot arose. This would be a long term RP with no specific endgame in mind - we want to see our characters travel from awkward new mutants to full fledged X-Men.

    We would use the Marvel Mythology as and when needed. Iron Man exists, so maybe a villain steals a suit? Perhaps our team is sent to help keep down riots after a Hulk rampage? Every few plots or so (this would probably work out at once a year) our team gets to go up against an existing Marvel villain, or train with someone like Wolverine. The time setting for this would be quite vague, so that we're not restricted on what we can do. I'd be open to Marvel or Ultimate Marvel.

    This way we would be exploring the RP, and more importantly setting, the way these new X-Men would as if it was a new comic. Developing our own rivalries and relationships, our own villains and objects of interest.

    Anyway, that's what I was thinking of. Would people prefer something more... Marvel-y? Fighting Dr. Doom and the like regularly? Feedback is incredibly appreciated. Nothing happens without feedback.