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Frederick Salusbury & Atticus Forsberg - Atlantean Relief Centre, Stockholm, Sweden

October 31st, 2012
"Oh. Do they? Whoops," Atticus scratched his nose. He didn't like Sweden or its Swedish... things and tried to stay as far away from it as possible. Of course, it really didn't help that his dad was Swedish.

"Anyways, I'm in! Haha, of course I'm in. These royalties sound a bit dull anyways, making people stand in line and register and all. Oh, unless you guys want me to go back and register as well? I don't know how you do it, have you registered already? Or are you, like, undercover?" Agnes sure did talk a lot.

"Oh good," he said, relieved this had gone a lot smoother than he had thought it would. Some candidates were like 'why this' and 'why that' and it sure did take a long time before they were satisfied they weren't being abducted by aliens. Atticus smiled at himself, glancing at Freddie for a moment and remembering his grand story. "Uh, no. I haven't registered. That's uh... not a smart thing to do because then they have tabs on you. Just... yeah. Don't."

"What about the Santa girl? Or guy, I don't really know what was going on there. But... Should we just let them take her and brainwash her to become a loyal soldier or whatever it is you're saying they do? Shouldn't we try to gather as many as possible if it's unification you're after?"

Atticus turned to Freddie. "Santa girl?"

"She was with Ms. Lukyanenko. There was a... uh, girl? I don't know, sh-she was wearing a Santa outfit and then she was a boy and... Atticus this is all happening so f-fast!" Freddie used one of his free hands to bury his face. He hadn't been at this long at all, so you really couldn't blame the guy. Especially since someone upstairs had been kind enough to replace the bottom half of his body with hairy goat legs.

"Okay, uh," he checked the hallway again. Surely someone had to be getting suspicious soon? Someone didn't just go to the toilet for 10 minutes. "As much as I hate leaving a man... or a woman behind, it's too late for her. I would love to take her with us and I'm sorry if you were friends but... well, honestly, we came for you and I'd hate to jepordize that. I can get Annie to keep tabs on her if you like?"

There were some voices approaching them down the hallway and Atticus put a hand on Agnes' shoulder. Now was probably the time to move. If Lukyanenko caught them... well, it wouldn't be pretty. Probably a lot of yelling and maybe a fight and some handcuffs. Atticus was experienced when it came to hand to hand combat, but he was sure that an entire building's worth of people could probably take him down easily. Besides, he hated fighting. Too much effort.

"Alright, let's go. I got a car down the road," Atticus put Freddie's arm around his shoulder and fast-walked his way to the exit, beckoning Agnes with his other hand.

Misha Vedernikov - The Roads of Warsaw, Poland

October 31st, 2012
"Plane, helicopter, it iz all same sing," he chuckled, pulling into gear and out onto the road. The roads were nice and relatively empty, making for a very easy and quick ride. He wasn't going to the airport; no, the Royal Family seemed to have guards and lapdogs at possible way to leave a country. No, Misha would leave the same way he arrived; by his trusty helicopter, parked very suspiciously in a large, vacant lot near some undeveloped town houses. It was probably a half an hour drive, but Misha occupied himself with bad music and some more odd questions and conversations (he began to speak about his love of romantic novels, gesturing to his awful but horribly popular vampire novel sitting on the back seat). It was obvious Delta wasn't extremely interested in any of it, but he spoke anyways.

"And here iz my prekrasnyy chariot," they turned a corner to see the obvious helicopter. Some people out walking their dogs had come over to inspect the strange spectacle but scurried off when they saw the rather large, Russian man approach them and his helicopter. Like he did with the car, he opened the door like a gentleman to let dear Delta into the helicopter first. "After you, please."

Imogen Green - Atlantean Relief Centre, New York, United States of America

October 30th, 2012
"Great! I'm so glad we could agree on something, finally," Imogen led the way, her car parked only just around the corner. It was a wonder how she had gotten such a great car park. Talent, on her part, she could say, though in actual fact it was just luck. She opened the back door of the car, letting the boys hop in before she herself stepped in. There were two lots of back seats but with a bit of pushing and pulling, Imogen arranged them so she could sit and face the two boys. When they were comfortable, she leaned forward, her signature smile appearing again.

"Alright boys, my name, like I said, is Imogen Green. I'm part of a super secret organisation known as the Atlantean Unification Project. Like our name suggests, we focus on the unification of Atlanteans and just peace on Earth and stuff. You know the X-men?" she winked at the boys. "We're like that."

She reached back into the glove compartment and pulled out a few sodas, handing one each to the boys and cracking her own open and taking a sip. She sipped with precision, careful not to let the condensation or the soda itself ruin her lipstick. She let the boys take a swig too before continuing with her pitch.

"We've been watching you Will, and we think that you're suitable enough to join our ranks. We'll train you to use your ability and help you achieve whatever you need to achieve. See, if you registered yourself with those bumbling idiots of a Royal Family, you'd basically be turned into slaves and forced to do what they want. Fight a war, kill some people. Something like that. We're after peace. We have goal. We're not just smashing cities and yelling 'revolution' like that last fool Callibro or Cabrllo or whatever his name is. Did you boys see the news?" she took another careful sip. "Oh, and Brad? Don't feel left out. If you want it, I'm sure I can find you a place in our organisation. I know of a few humans We're not racist like the Royal Family."

"So, boys," she crossed her legs, sat back in her seat and tilted her head ever so slightly. Nobody could ever doubt this face was not beautiful and Imogen was happy enough to act like it, "what do you say? Wanna come save the world?"

Oakley North - Atlantean Relief Centre, London, England

October 31st, 2012
Oakley had no questions, and kept to herself as the boys came forward with their own. She felt a little unintelligent at the moment, but she literally had nothing to ask. If this meant that she could control how her arm worked, she was happy to do whatever this man asked. She stared at her arm for a second, feeling the slight twinge of the armour on the top of her palm reappearing. It seemed the Librarian's spell didn't last forever.

"Alright," James spoke first, "you can start by telling me who exactly you’re with. I heard of the Atlantean Royal Family on the news. Are you with them? If not, who exactly are you with? Actually, might as well tell me everyone who’s involved, since I get the feeling there’s more than one group associated with the Atlanteans. You sure as hell weren’t with those other guys back at the building in London."

"Sure," the Librarian answered pleasantly. The bombardment of questions didn't seem to phase him at all. "I am the individual party in this political war. I have ties to a few of the groups that are at large, but I have sworn no allegiance. At the moment, there's the Royal Family, like you said. They're actually direct bloodline from the original Royal Family, back before Atlantis fell," he tapped his chin and began to cross names off his fingers. "There's also this group called the Atlantean Unification Project. They are focused on bringing unity to Atlanteans. It's all rather hazy, because they say one thing and do another but," he shrugged, "who can blame them? It's all been rather confusing of late," he crossed his next finger. "Last of the larger organisations is called the Syndicate. They've been extremely secretive and I actually have no information on them except that their leader calls himself the 'Blind Prophet'. The little devils."

The Librarian's face turned sour for the first time, as he moved his weight to his other leg and put his hands on his hips. Was he... was that disappointment? His face only lasted for a little while, before he shook his head and his smile returned. He turned to Nathaniel, who had started to ask his own questions.

"It seems to me you sought both James and myself out for some reason. So how about you finally answer my question as well: What do you want from us? What are you going to gain by training us and then sending us out to help you out when the time comes? I'd also ask for your life story, but something tells me that story is a very long one."

"What do I want from you? Well, honestly, when the time comes, I want you to help me infiltrate these organisations. All three of them. Originally, I only wanted the two of you," he gestured to James and Nathaniel, "but Oakley, dear girl, you really have potential. But don't worry, you won't have to play spy for a little while. We'll all get to know eachother. Find out what each one of us wants out of life. Hone our abilities. When the time comes, we'll find out exactly why these three groups are acting like they do," he laughed at the last statement, but instead of talking, beckoned them to follow him. Oakley obliged, leaving her half eaten pastry and followed the man. She noticed that Otto stayed put at the end of the table.

He led them down the hallway, away from the garage, to a large set of double doors. He swung them open to reveal to them an enormous room, probably betterly described as a library. There were hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of books lining the shelves on the four levels, with cute spiral staircases and warm lights leading the way. Oakley stood and took it all in for a moment, wondering what on earth all these books meant. Her questions were quickly answered.

"I've been on this Earth a very long time. I don't think I've told you; my ability is to absorb the ability of another through their blood. Each and everyone of these books either outlines an ability I have collected, a story I want to tell or anything in my life I have found even a little bit interesting. Of course, there are some other books in here too, like Charles Dickens if you want a read. But yes, if you want to know my life story, you can start here," he smiled, the mystery surrounding him only growing deeper. How... how old was he exactly?

"Was there anything else?"
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