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    Originally Posted by Skymin View Post
    If you can implement it well, I'd be very interested in this. Don't forget, try to be original. Make your villains something the roleplayers don't see coming. It's more fun that way. I always get a little bit sad when roleplayer give off all their plot too early. Keep your players on their toes!! It keeps them motivated and more likely to stay active.
    Aside from the obligatory use of Sentinels (come on, there HAS to be Sentinels at some point in an X-Men roleplay) I would try and keep the villains powers/personalities/plots etc. very individual and different from existing Marvel content. There would also be different ways to deal with different villains. Some could be talked down, some tricked, some even redeemed, while some just have to be knocked over the head.

    I was also considering providing requirements for the team. I would limit the number of players, and possibly stating that ideally the team has, for example;

    One heavy hitter/fighter.
    One brainiac.
    One blastery person

    That way we could construct a team similair to the way most superhero teams are made up. Just a thought.