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    Originally Posted by 4thGenAce:D View Post
    Hi 1158! Well, I'm a little into this hack and I have to say, there are lots of grammatical and spelling errors in the hack. I wouldn't mind this, but some of these errors are kind of messing up the thought you would want to portray. Have you asked help from a translator or a grammatical corrector? It would be a great plus if these errors would be fixed. More power!

    Gee, this game is relatively hard. :D I almost lost 4 times in this hack. And I thought there was no Gen 4 split in this hack. Oh well, more grinding again for me!

    Edit: Oh yeah I forgot, would you make the Pokeballs obtainable a little earlier in the game? I don't want to learn Cut for my Axew (Still have it with my Fraaxure now). Could you tell me where the move deleter is?
    I know those errors there, and there're too many of them for me to fix them, and also, I know this might be a bit difficult as I set the Pokeballs obtainable so late, and the HM CUT make the game a bit more difficult, too, I apologize for this, and I'm not sure if I'll do something to change it, but since I've already realized this, I made it very early to obtain Pokeballs, and I'll try to improve more, whatever, sorry for the problems in this hack.
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