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Originally Posted by Rain Dancer View Post

Well, Im really hoping it's not. It's intriguing if they find out the origin is from afar, or at least anything that's unknown.

The unknowns are exciting, they invigorate our curiosity, makes for a more fulfilling experience, opens us up into possibilities, expand our knowledge. Science came about as a means to satisfy the need to know and understand.

Get it over with? Nah.
I made it clear in the last post that they've concluded the remains are human. The DNA results are more similar to humans versus chimpanzees, so it's highly unlikely it's an alien. And by highly unlikely we mean that if we were to treat this specimen as a separate species - but we can't because it's too similar to human DNA. They even got the mtDNA tests done and determined that it's fairly safe to conclude it's a Chilean as well.

Anyways, high bone density and its causes aren't very well studied. Basically if you're above a certain level you're considered normal. This leaves a lot of leeway in explaining why the bones of the specimen are incredibly dense and can discount the hypothesis that it lived 6-8 years.

The remains have a pretty solid context in human biology at the moment. If anything is unknown or exciting, it's what slew of genetic disorders/mutations caused the specimen to turn out the way it did. I just came up with another hypothesis - what if the mutations caused rapid aging in the fetus which would explain why the bone density is so high? Eventually the abnormal growth caused the fetus to be aborted. If you read the letter of the MD who investigated the bone density, he does point out progeria (rapid aging) to be a possible cause but in his opinion it's of low probability. I'll keep that option open - even though I'm not a pediatrician - because I find it to be more unlikely that it actually lived for years.

Just to add, the skull is pretty clearly that of a crushed human. The foramen magnum (where the spinal cord exits the skull) is not attached to the spine.
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