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    Jack Robinson
    Rootdry Town > Ferrow Forest
    Jack got up after watching the agile Cyndaquil take out the Houndoom. The Houndoom quite shuddered from the attack just stared down at the little creature and scampered off. Turning around Jack saw some person he then just knew it was a Unovan.
    Jack just heard that his name was also Jack and he said
    "It would be wise to pack up on items"
    From that Jack definately knew that he was also summmoned by Proffesor Pine so he said
    "Hi there I am Jack too I really need to go right now sorry."
    Quickly Jack ran off to his home to see his father Chili. He saw his Heatmor sleeping and his Simisear was with him. Jack ran over to his Houndoom and went
    "Dad can I take out Houndoom over to a bit inside of Ferrow Forest?"
    "Well yeah sure just be careful also Cilan will get Houndoom nice Chimchar by the way."
    Jack's Chimchar looked shocked as Jack petted the Powerful Hound Pokemon. Next Jack headed right for Ferrow Forest, it was absolutely beautiful it had lush green trees with loads of different pokemon. Jack spotted a wild Shroomish and before he could open his pokedex he heard
    "Shroomish, the Mushroom Pokémon. Shroomish is mild tempered and inhabits piles of rotting leaves inside of forests."
    "Oh hi Cilan here is Houndoom well I guess you will be going right?"
    Yeah well good luck and take care, by the way use you Extranciever please. see you!"
    Jack turned around and stared down at the Shroomish.
    "Chimchar use Thunder Punch twice!" Jack commanded.
    The Chimp pokemon quickly punched the small mushroom pokemon twice, then the wild Shroomish used absorb bringing out it's roots and sapped out energy. Chimchar used Scratch and critically hit it. Using his first pokeball Jack then lobbed it right at the Mushroom Pokemon.
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