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I found a glitch. There's a child on the other side of Beryl Bridge who tells me I've defeated a Drifloon.

I haven't even seen a Drifloon.

I have caught a
Shuppet in Beryl Cemetary
I've defeated Corey, and saved in the Pokemon Centre just before the bridge, so can this be fixed before I continue? Not having found it worries me that it can't be found anymore.

...Are the graves names of people who left Reborn? "Sir Nasterisk Grasterisk" certainly doesn't sound like a real person's name. (If it is... oops, and apologies :/)

And one more thing- could I possibly have the notation for the Reborn City music? I'm something of an amateur musician, and I'd like to try making a remix of it for you.

Looking forward with great anticipation to episode eight!
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