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    Kiki looked up as the ghost began to float and whistled, seeing Mouser race back towards her. She braced herself and pointed at where the ghost would be, and Mouser leapt up, and propelled himself off of her body, his teeth glowing with dark power. She herself nearly toppled over from the force of his tiny impact.

    "Go go go! Flying Mouse attack!" she cried happily, thrusting her fist into the air. Surely, speed and reactions defeated planning every day of the week!


    He blinked at her a moment. Maybe she should listen to her pokemon... But then again, if Thyme tried to tell him it was dangerous he would go anyways. Oh well. And on the subject of Leena he respected that there were secrets she needed to keep from him.

    "I see... But... We don't have enough friends..." he said softly, laying his head diwn.
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