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Atlantis Awakening
Avian Morphology
William Lyle Nelson :: Atlantean Relief Center, Albany, New York, USA
October 30th, 2012

"Great! I'm so glad we could agree on something, finally," Imogen led the way, Brad and Will following her around the corner. She opened the back door of the car, allowing Brad and Will to get in before she herself got in and closed the door. Imogen sat in the front, twisting herself to face the two men, smiling once they'd all gotten comfortable.

"Alright boys, my name, like I said, is Imogen Green. I'm part of a super secret organisation known as the Atlantean Unification Project. Like our name suggests, we focus on the unification of Atlanteans and just peace on Earth and stuff. You know the X-men?" she winked. "We're like that."

The X-Men? Will thought, I suppose that's an interesting comparison. Not too far off, when you think about it. Spot on, actually. He blinked. God damned comic books, predicting the future a little too well.

Imogen reached back into the glove compartment and pulled out a few sodas, handing one each to Will and Brad, opening hers and taking a sip. She seemed to drink it a bit too carefully, making sure not to smear her makeup. Brad opened his soda and took a sip, whereas Will held it in his hands and stared at it for a moment.

It's poisoned. Or radioactive. Maybe it has some serum to brainwash us, or knock us out, or—

Brad elbowed Will slightly, a movement that would be imperceptible to Imogen. Will frowned and opened his soda, taking a small sip.

After Will was finished with his sip, Imogen spoke up once more. "We've been watching you, Will, and we think that you're suitable enough to join our ranks. We'll train you to use your ability and help you achieve whatever you need to achieve. See, if you registered yourself with those bumbling idiots of a Royal Family, you'd basically be turned into slaves and forced to do what they want. Fight a war, kill some people. Something like that. We're after peace. We have a goal. We're not just smashing cities and yelling 'revolution' like that last fool Callibro or Cabrllo or whatever his name is. Did you boys see the news?" she took another careful sip. "Oh, and Brad? Don't feel left out. If you want it, I'm sure I can find you a place in our organisation. I know of a few humans. We're not racist like the Royal Family."

"Cabrillo," Will supplied. He wasn't sure why he remembered that. "You've been watching us?" Yes, because that totally instilled trust in a person. Next thing he knew Charles Xavier would be wheeling his way up to them and telling them of their incredible destiny, or something stupid.

"So, boys," Imogen crossed her legs, sat back in her seat and tilted her head ever so slightly. "What do you say? Wanna come save the world?"

Will glanced at Brad, who took another sip of his soda and gave Will a look that meant that it was time for him to talk. "Save the world . . . from what?" Will asked, genuinely interested but still wary of the woman that sat before him. He looked around, his mind racing through many different stories and scenarios. "Obviously saving the world sounds like a fun goal, but it depends on what we have to save it from."

Will reached back and felt the base of his wings. "There's plenty other Atlanteans in the world, and so many more of them have far greater abilities than me. So many more of them have far greater potential. Why would a boy with color-changing wings be able to help you? I don't even know how to fly! I can't really fight, and I have no experience with any type of weapon. I am completely useless. Even if I did learn how to master my flight capabilities, I'm not Hawkman nor Hawkgirl. I'm not powerful; I'm ordinary. I can't swing a mace and wipe out an entire army. It just doesn't work like that."

Brad leaned forward, placing his hand on the cap of his soda and placing his chin on his hand. "I'm with feather boy here. However, if Will decides to go with you, I would certainly be interested."
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