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    "Good show you put on," A voice called from behind Greyson. He slowly stood up, reaching for his Pokeball to call Cinder back, but put it back as he saw a small lizard Pokemon approaching him and turned in the direction the voice came from. It was another trainer.

    Greyson nodded at him. "Thank you." he replied shortly.

    "Not everyday Pokemon from the woods venture into the heart of a town. The name's Jack Forest. I take it from the way my Charmander is socializing with your Cyndaquil, you must be one of the new Trainers that Professor Pine is sending on her special 'errand.' Before we head off..." Jack added. "...I think it would be wise that you pick up anything you need like food, water, and medical supplies for you and your Pokemon."

    "He followed me out." Greyson said as pulled out his Pokedex to check the trainers Pokemon. "I'll definitely stock up, though."

    "Charmander, the lizard Pokemon. The fire on the tip of its tail is a measure of its life. If healthy, its tail burns intensely. Fire type."

    So many fire types. Our 'team' is going to be quite disadvantaged.

    Greyson peered around Jack to look for the trainer who helped him, to see that he was gone.

    How peculiar. Hope he is alright.

    "Could you direct me to a mart, please." Greyson asked Jack.

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