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    Aye..! Another 70+ hour player huh? I'm currently at about the 85-hour mark, working on getting Paradise past the Royal Rank.

    The Musical Paradise thing is great because it allows you to do things in Paradise while listening to the music you like as a background. I think I rather it over the standard jukebox approach which prevents you from doing other things when you are listening to music.

    I've recently taken a liking to stealing from Kecleon shops, and am in the process of planning a raid to see if I can recruit one with a premier gift.

    I also like taking really low-level Pokemon into high-level dungeons alone, which makes missions require a fantastic level of strategy... Of course I load them up with all kinds of orbs and seeds since I have plenty of them currently.

    I have a few team skills that make dungeon exploring pretty easy though, like one that sometimes tells you the direction the stairs are, and another that shows you the floor layout...

    Paradise in my game currently has a maxed out Grass Dojo, Violent Seed field, Oodles of Orbs (Which is much more awesome when leveled up fully than I thought it would.) Swap Shop (Golden prize tickets everywhere!), and Prize Palaces. The rest of the shops are primarily level 1 with a few exceptions. I DID have a fully leveled Elite Boutique, but the owner left.
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