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    Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
    I think for them to release a LightningYellow, although cool, would be way too outdated. Many kids wouldn't understand the references and might not have seen that part of the anime. If they did release it, I would certainly get it because I loved Yellow. Because we haven't seen any anime-based games in ages, I don't think we'll get anymore.
    Yes, I see your point in many kids today not understanding the references. I also agree with not seeing more anime-based games in the future (but who knows, it could happen. I saw a kid dressed up as Batman running around in a backyard today. ANYTHING is possible).

    Originally Posted by cyndaquil-burns-brightly View Post
    I could care either way if the market value would be good, Lightning Yellow would have been great to have.
    LightningYellow would definitely be great to have too.

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