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    General Mikkelson
    Slateport City

    Mikkelson maneuvered the jeep through the settlement of Slateport, and up onto route 110 towards Delta Camp a short distance north of the city, with the private in the passengers seat.

    "You know I saw a shipment delivering sniper rifles some way up here." The Private pulled out his Desert Eagle and began to check it over nonchalantly, "Wouldn't be difficult to stop off for a while if we see it," the Private nudged.

    " Not necessary, as your task right now will only involve short to mid range combat, something that your AK will provide for now," Mikkelson retorted.

    After five more minutes of driving, Mikkelson approached Delta Camp, and parked the jeep and got out. Mikkelson motioned the private to follow. As Mikkelson ran towards the command post at Delta Camp, Mikkelson muttered a message to the private following him.

    " Private, I gotta set up the plan for defense of the City. Guard the command post here until reinforcements arrive, is that clear?"
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