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Better than my 20s have been so far, that's for sure. :p

They were okay. I mean, they weren't amazing. But I graduated school, got As pretty much straight through high school, didn't get grounded except maybe once or twice, got along with my family, didn't get bullied in school... on the other hand, I didn't have many friends offline and I wasn't popular. Things kind of went downhill when I went to school, but only due to finances. I enjoyed college a lot and met a lot of cool people, just couldn't afford it, haha. 19 was kind of a bad age for me because I dropped out of school and moved back home and didn't do anything from January-May. I don't recommend it.

Almost all of my teen years, I was here on PC -- I joined at 14. And I'm still here. That's kind of weird to think about. My most active time here was in late high school/college. PC was the only place I had a good amount of friends. I've seen a lot of people come and go and PC has changed a lot but it's been a blast. :)
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