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my teen years were hooooooooorible. Middle school was awesome though, I got good grades, met really awesome people, and I was well-known throughout the community. Then I got to high school, I started to hang out with the wrong friends, picked fights with the randomest people, and got in trouble a lot with the school and with my parents. I was hugely defiant against every adult out there. That lasted until senior year of high school when I finally began to actually listen to my consicence and do better. I was able to at least graduate from high school, but couldn't apply for colleges until Spring semester. I also met my first boyfriend at 17, then broke up at 19.

I don't like looking back at those years, well at least high school. I like how I am today, the shy, harmless, n-her-20's girl who's still looking for a place in her life.
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