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I came up with this years ago. Literally. I tried to start a thread, but posted in the wrong section and got kicked out for a while .

Anywho, the idea for the hack was Pokemon Rocket Black (Name needed improving). The idea was that Red had failed in defeating Team Rocket and had disappeared after the loss with Giovanni, leaving Team Rocket to take over Kanto. You start in your room, as usual (with some modified messages, such as Rocket propaganda when observing the TV). When you go downstairs, your mom reminds you that you are supposed to visit Professor Oak for your birthday.

Oak goes through the whole Pokemon sequence, gives you your 'mon. You then must traverse the region, in which all trainers are, to some degree, involved with Team Rocket. Involvement ranges from just being in the group to full time leaders. Pokecenters and Pokemarts are normal, but all Gyms are now under Rocket control and are training facilities, in which you can challenge the leader to gain a higher rank (start as grunt, work your way into the elites).

Eventually, you get to challenge Giovanni and finish what Red started, or choose to take over the country. (Offer some kind of dialogue, maybe? Something like, two teleporters in the room, one leading to the country's council, the other to home or something?)

  • Have a difficulty setting so you can make it where all Pokemon are "killed", nuzlocke style after battles with seriously-involved rockets. (If faint)
  • A new region.
  • Player is Mute, like in normal games
  • Legendaries/starters available throughout course of game, depending on decisions (No free Pokemon everywhere, more like in Yellow where a few people here and there gave you the starters, and Legendaries are strictly one per player, again depending on decisions)
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