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    Originally Posted by Alexial357 View Post
    Wow Pokedra, these are just stunning. I'm almost upset that you've only showcased four tags (excluding avatars) because your work is really just.. wow.

    I adore this one. The contrast between that blue and yellow is just amazing. Although, she appears to be a little over sharpened around the edges (particularly around the arm). But that may just be my computer. Beyond that though your backgrounds and color choices are impeccable. Actually, the more I look at all of them, the more I can see the contrast. The green / orange really sells the character in this. The softness there (I'm not sure if it's specifically blur because I don't know graphics for beans) works so well in that piece.

    I'm really surprised by your text too. They don't look out of place at all and blend in seamlessly with the subject. From everything I understand, that's ridiculously hard to do. :p

    This gallery was a real treat to look at! n_n; I really hope you continue to post updates and maybe open an official shop. A&D needs more artists like you cause this work really stands out.

    I have so much more to say about your gallery but not enough time!
    Thank you haha.

    I have a few more in storage but haven't uploaded yet, I'll try get some more up when possible. The Lucy one took a while admittedly and the end result was me just messing around with colours and bokehs, the result before was rather bland but I managed to get that sunny feel. It is blur, actually the render was a little LQ but it was the only one I could find, a bit of blur and downsizing was the best I could do to make it look a bit better unfortunately.

    Thanks, I may consider opening a shop but in all honesty the demand isn't high. If enough people want it though I'll consider it. I'll definitely update this thread as I make more (or upload some older ones). Thanks for all the advice.
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