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    Hey everyone.

    Small update and a question

    Current doings:
    - Metagross's side quest done
    - More map tweaking
    - Added a player health bar to battles
    - Fully working with numbers and a health bar
    Starting to work on next story event (after side quest)
    Added more to the main storyline

    Can someone tell me whether the demo is actually downloadable??
    I tried it when I first uploaded it and it worked then, but a tried again a little while ago and it didn't work.

    Thanks to whoever answers.

    Oh and one more thing.
    Probably no good if the demo is accessible, but I would like suggestions to for name of the 'double' Pokemon within Ponario.
    Charla is the only one that I have for the moment.
    Any suggestions are welcome, better yet, ones that tie in with the Pokemon's species name.

    Thanks guys!

    Can someone tell me why my main post stuffs up everytime I edit it. It always has large spaces put where they are not meant to be, extra spoilers get put in and text gets aligned else where.
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