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    Jack Robinson
    Ferrow Forest
    Jack was all quiet his eyes was on the pokeball it then broke open after 1 shake Jack had to cover his face so the beams of light wouldn't blind him. There was the Shroomish he pathetically tried to catch after three simple moves.
    What but how? no it broke free that's how
    Turning his eyes back on the Shroomish Jack clenched his fist. The Shroomish didn't really care how Jack looked he just jumped in a hole to escape.
    "Chimchar! Follow that Shroomish!" Jack said agitated.
    His Chimchar turned around to look at Jack then turned around to go after that Wild Shroomish. Jack saw a part of the dirt crumbling so he followed that trail to go follow the Shroomish and His Chimchar. The next part was sudden, the crumbling dirt stopped and that was when the time was right.

    "Thunder punch!!" Matt screamed, louder than ever before.
    The dirt opened, you could see some sparks, the wild Shroomish went flying into the air. It landed on the floor feet first looking rather pissed off. The Chimchar looked at his trainer and made it's own move, it used thunder punch and scratch violently on the small mushroom. The Shroomish looked rather beat up, it had scratch marks all over and two big black eyes. Shocked Jack pulled out some potions and sprayed the wild Shroomish so it could feel better. Then he pulled out some food and fed the poor old Shroomish.
    "There all better, please don't be scared of me I just wasn't to catch you and be friends like White was with his Kyurem..."
    Jack looked at the Shroomish, it gave a smirk and relaxed a bit. Jack knew that the time was right, so he softly threw the pokeball at the wild Mushroom Pokemon and stared at it as it shook...

    Death to Team Plasma?
    Pokemon Crisis- Matt Razor-Manectric
    Pokemon Plasma-Jack Robinson-Chimchar
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