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    Another couple of bugs.

    You can fight Nurse Joy in the Victory Road Cave as many time as you want to.

    A couple of Rayquaza bugs

    A) When you fight him,catch him and is done with the battle he remains, so you can fight him as many times as you want.

    B) If you run away from a battle with him, it tells you that you ran away from a Zekrom or something in the text box.

    And then the other bug, I can't enter the pokemon league to start the battles itself, as it says I don't have all the badges. I got 8 badges, I haven't lost any of them, so is there a 9th badge in this? :-) or is it another bug.

    Another question as well, is there any Exp. Share? Soothe Bell or anything in here? in case where? Would be great to have?
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