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My teens years so far has been going alright. I'm 15, one and half months till 16, so I guess I can't say much since I'm only around halfway through them haha.

But so far I'm doing alright. In England we go straight to high school unlike in the States where you go to middle school first, and I'm having a good time there. I have made some good friends, never really been bullied by anyone and I'm getting better grades as time goes on. I did want to play a lot more football (soccer) but I've realised that I'm no where near good as I thought I was and embarrassed myself in a trial aha. It feels like I'm just strolling through life right now and not really doing anything... big. TT.TT

But for now, life is good. Hopefully the rest of my teen years goes as smooth as they have been going right now. Highlight would definitely be bunking school and going to a meet-and-greet, even though my dad got furious with me. Still was worth it though haha
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