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Okay, as usual, I'm just doing this so you can see what happens to me. Niengo grows to level 7.

The Pokeball shakes once. Twice. Three times. Click! I have captured a level 4 Zorua knowing Scratch and Leer. Its ability is Illusion. I was going to find a Pecha Berry.


Yay! Good job! Nice post! A little thing though, Chimchar must be getting tried from all of the punching. Chimchar grows to level 7. Chimchar wants to learn Ember. Will it? Please respond in the OOC thread.

The Pokeball shakes once. There is a long pause. Then it shakes once more. Then the Pokeball starts vigorously shaking. Eventually, the Shroomish inside gives up. Click!

You have captured a level 3 Shroomish knowing Absorb. Its ability is Poison Heal. You are going to find an Aspear Berry.
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