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    Shadow Adler

    Shadow barely even noticed when Professor came over to him and explained about Team Plasma, and he couldn't really process the information that well. Something about them having powerful pokemon? Honestly Shadow didn't really want to know. And he continued to sit by the water with his eevee. He began to notice that the eevee enjoyed biting his fingers, well not really a bite just a little nip.
    "Careful, that one hurt!" Shadow said after the eevee bit his finger a bit harder than expected. The eevee looked up at him with sorry eyes. "Its ok, just be careful. Ok?" he said with a small smile and the eevee jumped in agreement. "I should give you a name shouldn't I?" Shadow sat for a while trying the think of a name muttering suggestion to himself. "I know, Nip! Yes, I like that. What about you do you like Nip?" he asked his eevee. And he jumped up and made a sound in agrrement.

    "Come on Nip" Shadow said to his now newly named eevee. After spending a while by the water, he decided he might as well move on. Nip ran up to Shadow and jumped up grabing onto his bass case by his teeth. "Careful Nip, you will hurt yourself" Shadow said with a smile taking off his bass case and picking up the eevee in his arms before placing him on his shoulder. "You can stay on here ok?" He said smiling and put his bass case on his back.

    When Shadow entered the Ferrow Forest he seemed shocked that everything was darker he looked uo and just saw the trees, blocking the sun. He felt nervous, it wasn't a thick forest, but who knew what pokemon would be there. Nip however noticing there would be wild pokemon seemed quite happy, but decided to stay with Shadow rather than run off. Shadow tried to relax, he was trainer he was meant to battle, meant to meet wild pokemon maybe even catch them.

    Despite trying to relax Shadow jumped when it looked like a piece of grass was moving, Nip jumped down and looked at Shadow. 'Wait is that a pokemon?' he though and pulled out his pokedex;

    Oddish. This Pokémon is typically found roaming the forest, scattering pollen as it walks around. the robotic voice told Shadow. The Odish was shocked by the voice and jumped up, then Shadow saw the rest of the pokemon. 'Well, I guess I should battle it'
    "Ok Nip, ready for your first battle?" Shadow asked. And Nip looked at Shaodw confidently before locking eyes with the Oddish. "Ok Nip use..." Shadow stopped mid sentence. What moves did Nip know? He pulled out his pokedex again and looked at Nips move list. "Tackle, yeah. Nip use tackle!" Shadow said confidently and smiled with pride as Nip tackled into Oddish at full speed. And the Oddish feel to the ground, but soon returned got to his feet. Then looked at Nip and some sort of Vapor came out of Nip and Nip looked weaker. 'Wait is it sucking out Nips energy!' Shadow thought in shock. "Nip! Are you Ok?! Use tackle again, you can do it" Shadow said, and Nip again tackled into the Oddish and knocked it to the ground. "Use tackle again, before it gets up!" Shadow said, his adrenaline was pumping, and of course part of him didn't want the Oddish sucking health out of his eevee like some grass patch vampire. And just as Oddish regained his footing Nip tacked it to the ground. "Ok now use..." Shadow said then quickly tried to remember Nips moves "Umm Iron Tail!" he said, hoping it was one of Nips moves and relief filled him as Nip used the move sucessfully knocking the Oddish out. "Awesome Nip!" Shadow said patting Nips head. "You ok to go on" Shadow asked and Nip jumped up. Shadow stilled filled with the rush of adrenaline of defeat the 'Grass Patch Vampire" also know as Oddish, thought to himself 'I'm starting to like this trainer stuff'

    Death to Plasma?


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