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    Originally Posted by 雷影 イチロ View Post
    To be honest, fancy artwork and background .gif files are the least of your worries. For something nice looking, have a look at BB Coding such as[INDENT] and [h1], which is really easy and can make the biggest difference. If you want some help, there are several users on the RP forum including the likes of myself, Skymin and Red who should be able to help you out.

    Also, fully supporting you for the X-Men roleplay; big fan of Marvel myself. If you need any help, I still have some notes from when Atlantis Awakening was initially going to be an Alternate Version of the Marvel Civil War. Also, what arc are you going to set it in?
    Mainly I'm just looking to put a banner across the top and arrange things into nice sections. Nothing too fancy, but I'm unfamilair with forum coding.

    Well, I'm being a bit weird and not setting it in an arc. I've gone for regular Marvel over Ultimate Marvel, as I think that for those who aren't too familair with Ultimate the differences will throw them off quite a bit. It's going to sort of be set in a generic Marvel, where everyone is in the role they're known best for, if that makes sense. The vast majority of characters will be alive and doing their thing, that way when we do involve the Marvel characters we're not limited. If the RP is successful and becomes well established I may start running us through the Marvel arcs and involving Marvel characters more, but I don't want to say which ones I'd start with just yet.