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*ugly cackling*

I hated my teen years so, SO much. Let's break it down.

13 was crap because I was in my second year at a middle school that none of my elementary school friends went to and I still hadn't made many friends since everybody else was too busy sticking to their own comfort zones. My friends didn't even attend my school; one had graduated and one was home schooled. I saw them frequently, but not frequently enough to stifle my loneliness.

14 was when one of those friends passed away.

15-17 was when my social life was climbing and falling at the same time. I made a lot of friends who weren't really friends and I used them to get whatever I wanted before I tossed them aside. I still know a few people from those days and they absolutely hate me. It's cool because I hate them too.

18 was when I decided to buck up and make a good life for myself so that I could better care for my daughter. It wasn't a bad time at all, but a good portion of my past was repeatedly coming back to haunt me and I became extremely disillusioned with who I am.

19 I was trying the whole college thing and it failed horribly so I dropped it and focused on cleaning full-time. God, it failed so badly. You have no idea.

Now I sit here at age 20 wondering if I'd change anything. It's tempting to say I would go back and fine-tune the past, but then I'd be a pansy and my daughter wouldn't exist. I like who I am today and I owe it to all of the crap that my teen years brought.
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