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Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
Who's the jeigan of the game by the way? I'm assuming Frederick but from the demo he didn't seem as powerful as say, Seth. Then again Seth was OP, lol. And is he worth keeping? Because I actually like the character
Pretty much what Doronjo said, just don't rely on him too much early on. Be sure to spread the EXP amongst your characters and to use him as a buffer.

Going to start with a female avatar because why not and I don't really care about waifus.
But I will tell you this, this game isn't catering to some sort of otaku demographic with its marriage aspect, and this isn't the first time in the series that they've had it. The marriage aspect is an extension of the relationship mechanic (which strengthens your characters when they're partnered up and also adds something else later on) that has been present in Fire Emblem since the beginning, and the relationships that are developed between the characters are real and actually quite engaging at times. In fact, the marriages themselves aren't very otaku-esque, and they themselves are more unique than anything else. Not to mention that they did really well to develop the characters and make great dialog for the characters, making the social engagements of the game really interesting and often laugh-out-loud entertaining.

I just hope you change your mind on that front, because it's an interesting aspect that really shouldn't be ignored.
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