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    "We can't just keep running, Vex!" exclaimed Ryu. The two were running through the thick brush of the central forests, as a Medicham and its trainer chased them down.

    "Get the hell back here, coward!" yelled the trainer angrily.

    "I don't want to lose anyone. I can't lose anyone." said Vex seriously.

    "Then put me back and get out of here."

    Vex got Ryu back into his Pokeball and reached into his belt for Eenzie's ball. He looked back and saw that the Medicham and its trainer were gaining on him. Vex sent out Eenzie and climbed onto his back frantically.

    "Go! Go! Get out of here!" he screamed. Without hesitation, Eenzie bent his knees and thrust himself into the air. His wings flapped widely and furiously, and was upwards and out of the trees in a matter of seconds.

    "Medicham, Hi jump kick!" the Medicham hurled itself towards Eenzie with incredible force. The pokemon's kick hit Eenzie square in the back, sending the huge dragon back into the trees.

    "Flamethrower!" commanded Vex. As Eenzie plummeted to the ground, breaking through the branches, he sent out a long breath of fire that burned the Medicham and the brush around it. Eenzie quickly flew away again before the fire spread too far, and ascended high above the trees, away from danger. Vex steered Eenzie straight for the peak of a far off mountain, to safety.

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