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    Wow, I haven't post here in two weeks? Sorry guys. :/
    Hello and welcome to the One Piece fan club, Nottingham!

    Manga 707 leaks
    Bellamy is a interesting new factor in this, I have to say.
    I hated the guy back in Jaya. I actually thought Doflamingo killed him. >.>

    I bet that Jeet and Abdullah would be too popular to people in certain parts of the world...

    Hack seems pretty cool, but why would a Fishman want a Devil Fruit?

    Bluegilly is an interesting character. I'd like to see him fight Sanji! :D

    I like the mystery of Ricky. Oda must have something cool planned for him.

    The final few battles in B-block are going to be really interesting.

    Dat Ending! Bahahaha

    Originally Posted by Nottingham
    Like with 706
    I was worried about Skypiea for a second, but then I remembered we saw people doing just dandily there from the chapter covers throughout the Fishman Island arc.
    Oh, I forgot about that. Bellamy actually had me worried. But I'm glad you pointed that out.