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eam Scarlet

Introduction Hello Everyone, i Present this thread as my second try to make a exciting, new hack I recently gave up on my first hack because i wanted a new fresh idea with my own storyline to give the people something that they haven't seen before and that's why i made this thread so people that have done a lot of hacking have done any can join this thread and help me on my hack Improving your skills as it's mine. I want people that join this team that to have fun and work together with that said, let's have fun a make a great hack!

Current Project:
Pokemon Scarlet Red
Hack of Fire Red

Features: Play as ~Ash Or Red~
~ 2 new stories
~Travel to Kanto and Johto
~Starter Pokemon Is Pikachu
~New Tiles and maps
~New Gym Leaders
~Exciting new Storyline

Storyline: You are Ash Or Red and one day you Get a call From your dad whom you never seen before and he tells you that he has kidnapped your long time friend misty also says he's the the leader of team Rocket. He tells to get your friend back you must travel throughout the regions of Kanto and Johto collect 16 badges But it won't be easy Team Rocket always getting in your way. along this journey you'll meet new Rivals, old Friends. How will you Save misty? will you make it in time? will you find the truth about your father or will you end up joining him?

Music hacker
Title Screen editor
Asm Hacker

None Yet.

Hacking Skills:
When your Available:
Time Zone:
Contact info(Email,Twitter Etc