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    Do you ever wonder how Kakashi would look like without his mask on?
    I'm sure it's nothing special, just a slight pretty boy face.
    I believe that this is the closest we have ever gotten to too seeing his full bare face.

    Which ninja would you like to see more of in a battle?
    I've always wanted to see what skills Konohamaru's teammates had developed.
    We only got to see Konohamaru's progress, but not theirs.
    Something more likely to be shown though, is the 2nd Hokage's fighting style.
    We didn't really get to see it in depth back during the invasion of Konoha.

    Originally Posted by JNathan
    It's because Iruka isn't a fighter. He's a jonin specialized in teaching just like Ebisu. Both of them are weak.
    Actually, Iruka is still just a Chunin. But he's one of the strongest older Chunins imo.