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Whoop! Thank you Necrum \o/

So, I get Serperior, Scolipede, Lairon, Breloom, Gallade and Chandelure

Guess I'll get started by going to look for eggs to get a Shroomish and Ralts.

Chose Snivy as a starter and started my journey.
Caught a Venipede on my way to the ranch after a bit of searching. :3
Started to train them up before battling my Rival. (And realized I'll have so much "fun" being weak to Fire and Ice)
Rescued a puppy and went back to town where Alder kidnapped me for some lessons.
Eventually beat Cheren and got my C-gear.
Traded over eggs for Shroomish and Ralts and went on to explore while trying to hatch them. (I had pre-checked that the Ralts will be male...)
And that's about it for the first update...

Verde / Snivy
lvl 14 | Sassy
Vine Whip | Leer | Tackle | Growth

Absolem / Venipede
lvl 15 | Adamant
Rollout | Protect | Pursuit | Screech

Egg x 2

Been playing much during server maintenance downtimes on other games. Trying not to go off and catch everything in the dex.
So currently I'm making my way through the Reversal Mountain. I've had more or less fun.
Always having a heart attack when my Rival shows up and I don't remember if he's there to challenge me. His fire pig and poultry are my weaknesses. ;_;
Anyhow. I visited the Abandoned house and Mistralton Cave for items and grinding.
Only missing one party member anymore which I sadly noticed I can only get after Hall of Fame. So...I guess I'll probably be backtracking a few times after sending over an egg and starting to train up. Also am I allowed to pass along during that a Dawn Stone? Since I can't apparently get it until Dreamyard (can't get to black City even though I'd have the tower key).

Verde / Serperior
lvl 44 | Sassy
Coil | Leaf Blade | Giga Drain | Return

Absolem / Scolipede
lvl 42 | Adamant
Rock Slide | Bulldoze | Megahorn | Protect

Shuyin / Breloom
lvl 44 | Quirky
Seed Bomb | Force Palm | Thunder Punch | Return

Lumiere / Chandelure
lvl 41 | Modest
Shadow Ball | Flame Burst | Energy Ball | Confuse Ray

Jiyan / Kirlia
lvl 39 | Naughty
Psychic | Heal Pulse | Magical Leaf | Teleport

Egg ?