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    Originally Posted by GameZero View Post
    i have a suggestion it possible can you put a shop/store that everytime you win at colosseum can get a random reward ?

    somebody give me a tips or tricks how to find easily a legendary pokemon ?
    This suggestion is already made in form of Berry Orchard XD

    Originally Posted by AllergicProductions View Post
    Alright, I found Yanma. I didn't think to surf for it.

    I can send spelling/grammar corrections periodically; it's probably easier for you to handle them in small bursts anyway.

    In the meantime, I can think of another thing I can do to help out. Since there are several Pokémon that don't have abilities because their only abilities in the main games are from 4th/5th gen, I can check to see what their abilities would normally be and suggest 3rd gen abilities for them that are similar; if you gave those Pokémon those 3rd gen abilities, all of the Pokémon in the game could have abilities. It would probably only take me an hour or so to come up with suggestions. If that sounds good to you, I can do it anytime.
    Your idea is a good temporary solution for the problem. However, some purists may disagree with these abilities, so I prefer to leave as it is while I don't put gen 4/5 abilities

    Originally Posted by morckin View Post
    i had found the key for the warehouse, but I was a bit upset to found out that there is nothing other than appliances there.

    I am using v1.1e, when I use energy root during a fight, the screen will turn lag and will eventually turn into black. Revival herb works fine during a fight but when it is used outside a fight, the game will pop-out something like error thing about happiness.

    216:06; finally managed to find feebas,

    What is Lavender Town easter egg?

    visit the shop..
    Really, this bug is in 1.1e (only affecting these two items). Will be fixed in 1.1f.

    Wow! Few players surpass the 150 hours mark!

    Lavender Town easter egg is just a small chance event that temporary creates the Lavender Town/Pokémon Creepypasta atmosphere, only visual/audio temporary changes.
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